How can I change my Paramount+ subscription plan?

If you are a SHOWTIME Monthly subscriber and you have added the Paramount+ Limited Commercials plan, you may upgrade to the Premium plan.

To upgrade your Paramount+ plan from Limited Commercials to Premium:

  1. Go to and sign in to your SHOWTIME account
  2. Go to Settings > Your Account and click the ‘Change Paramount+ Plan’ link
  3. In the ‘Manage Paramount+’ page, select the Premium plan
  4. Enter your password, and click ‘Update Subscription’

Your upgraded plan will go into effect as soon as you click ‘Update Subscription.’ The payment method associated with your SHOWTIME subscription will immediately be billed a prorated amount for your new Paramount+ plan that is calculated based on the remaining days in your current monthly billing period. You will then be billed for the new combined price on your next billing date.

Please note: The bundle consisting of SHOWTIME and Paramount+ with Limited Commercials is no longer available for purchase. However, current customers who already have SHOWTIME and Paramount+ with Limited Commercials will remain subscribed with this plan unless their subscription is changed, canceled or expired. Once you upgrade to the Premium plan you will not be able to change back to the Limited Commercials plan.