What is happening to the SHOWTIME streaming service?

The SHOWTIME streaming service is being discontinued, and SHOWTIME programming is now available through Paramount+ with a subscription to the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan.

Existing SHOWTIME standalone streaming subscribers will continue to have access to the SHOWTIME app and website until they are discontinued on April 30, 2024.

Some subscribers, billed directly by SHOWTIME, are eligible to have their SHOWTIME account information transferred to Paramount+ to start a new subscription to the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan. If your account is eligible, you will see a prompt to transfer when you are logged in to the SHOWTIME app on web, iOS, tvOS, Roku, Android TV, Samsung TV, or LG smart TVs. Agreeing to the transfer simplifies the process and saves you time and effort. To learn more, click here.

If you do not see the transfer option, you will need to go to Paramount+ on your favorite platform and subscribe to the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan. To avoid paying for multiple streaming subscriptions, you should cancel your SHOWTIME streaming subscription before starting a new subscription at Paramount+. For more information on account transfer eligibility, click here. 

Customers who subscribe to SHOWTIME through Amazon Prime Channels, Apple TV channels, The Roku Channel, and YouTube TV should contact their provider for more information.