What Android streaming devices support the SHOWTIME streaming service?

The SHOWTIME streaming service is currently supported on the following Android streaming devices: 

  • Android Phones (Android version 4.3 or higher)
  • Android Tablets (Android version 4.3 or higher)
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast

As of May 23, 2016, SHOWTIME began retiring support for Android phones and tablets running versions of Android older than 4.3.

On September 15, 2016 users accessing SHOWTIME with Android devices must use devices running at least Android version 4.3. If your devices are currently running Android 4.3 or greater you are not affected. However, any Android devices running a version older than Android 4.3 will be unable to access SHOWTIME beginning September 15, 2016.

 You can update your device by visiting the Settings > About > System Update screen. If your device is unable to install Android 4.3 or greater, please visit this page for a full list of supported devices. 

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