Alexa support on SHOWTIME

You can now enjoy and control SHOWTIME using Alexa voice commands. This feature is supported on Alexa-enabled Fire TV devices using the remote, Echo or Echo Dot.

You can now tell Alexa to:

  • Play specific SHOWTIME content: “Play Yellowjackets on SHOWTIME” or “Play Your Honor on SHOWTIME”
  • Search for episodes and movies to watch by title: “Show me Confess, Fletch on SHOWTIME” or “Show me The Chi on SHOWTIME”
  • Search by genre: “Show me comedies on SHOWTIME” or "Show me action movies on SHOWTIME”
  • Search by actor: "Show me Tom Hanks movies on SHOWTIME”

While watching, Alexa can help with the following commands:

  • Pause or Start Over
  • Play or Resume
  • Fast Forward or Rewind
  • Go to specific points: “Rewind 10 minutes” or “Fast Forward 5 minutes”
  • Advance to next episode of a series: “Next episode”

You may also want to review these articles by Amazon on how to use your Alexa device to control your Fire TV, or how to troubleshoot if Alexa does not understand your requests.