My device is not supported for the PPV event. What can I do?

If your preferred device does not appear in our supported device list, you can try the following options: 

Option 1: AirPlay 2 using Apple devices

Some TVs and streaming devices are released with AirPlay 2 enabled. Please check here to see if your device is listed as AirPlay 2-enabled.

If you have confirmed that your device is AirPlay 2-enabled and:

  • You have a supported iPhone or iPad - you can AirPlay the PPV stream using the SHOWTIME app.
  • You have a Mac computer with a supported Chrome Browser (version 107 or above) - you can go to and AirPlay the PPV stream from there.

Please note that Spanish audio is not supported over AirPlay. Click here for instructions on how to setup AirPlay on Apple devices.

Option 2: HDMI Out using mobile devices

Using a special adapter and an HDMI cable, you can connect your supported mobile device to your TV to watch the PPV stream through the SHOWTIME app. If you experience any video quality issues, please unplug your adapter, turn your mobile device off and back on, and then try again.

Option 3: HDMI Out using a Mac or PC

Using an HDMI cable and potentially a special adapter, you can connect your supported Mac or PC to your TV and watch the PPV stream through using a supported browser.

Option 4: Casting your mobile device or computer

You can stream the PPV event via Chromecast from a desktop computer using a Chromecast device (2015 model or newer).

If you do not have a separate Chromecast device, there are TVs that have Chromecast already built-in. Please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to check if your device has Chromecast built in.

If you have confirmed that your device has Chromecast built-in, you can cast the PPV stream using:

  • A supported mobile device – You can cast the PPV stream through the SHOWTIME app.
  • A desktop computer – using a supported Chrome browser (version 107 and above), you can go to and stream the PPV event from there.

For more information on streaming via Chromecast, please visit Google’s Casting help article.


If any of the above options do not work, please contact customer care using the 'Need Help?' icon at the bottom of the page.