Can I move to the SHOWTIME/Paramount+ bundle if I have a current subscription to SHOWTIME with a promotional discount?

Yes, if you are subscribed to SHOWTIME with an active promotional discount, you are eligible to move to a bundle including the Paramount+ Essential or Paramount+ Premium option.

Any special pricing that is currently applied to your SHOWTIME subscription will not apply to the SHOWTIME and Paramount+ bundle subscription. Instead, you will receive the discounted pricing we offer to bundle subscribers.

Promotional pricing for SHOWTIME/Paramount+ bundle plans is sometimes made available during specified offer windows. Promotional prices are subject to the terms of the offer. Some offers may automatically apply to subscribers moving from a SHOWTIME-only subscription to a SHOWTIME/Paramount+ bundle subscription during an applicable offer window.

Note: If you are a bundle subscriber billed by SHOWTIME, and you choose to move to a SHOWTIME-only subscription, you will be charged the regular retail rate for SHOWTIME on your next billing date.